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Revised: 27 Feb 2020

Responsibility for bookings

Bookings should be made online wherever possible. Member pricing is only available when signed into the member account.

Other than online bookings, only the Booking Officer or the Lodge Manager (in winter) is authorised to allocate or vary beds in the lodge, both for summer and for winter. Except for online bookings, all bookings or changes, whether they are for Members, Associates and Fellows or for guests, MUST be made through the Booking Officer. Under no circumstances is anybody permitted to simply turn up at the lodge without having first made and paid for a booking, either directly online or through the Booking Officer.

Key dates for booking the lodge for winter

Financial Members (including Associates and Fellows) should make their initial bookings directly online via the website between 1 March and 31 March. To qualify as financial, you must have paid the Annual Subscription for the year which includes the coming winter and not be in arrears on any previous years. 

The Booking Officer will send out an information advice to the members (including associates and fellows) mailing list in mid-February and a further advice to the general guest list in mid-March.

1st March - Winter bookings will open online at 10.00am on 1st March for currently financial Members, Associates and Fellows and their partners and will be allocated on a first come first served basis up until

31st March -  Requests by Members, Associates and Fellows for accompanying Guests should be directed to the Booking Officer who will hold the requests until 1st April.

1st April - The Booking Officer will allocate as many of the member requests for accompanying guest as possible and may endeavour to persuade members etc to change some of their bookings to facilitate meeting as many requests as possible.  Members, Associates and Fellows may continue to make online bookings as normal at any time.  Members, Associates and Fellows who wish to make additional bookings after 1 April and who cannot find the requested beds should advise the Booking Officer, who may be able to satisfy the requests if any cancellations arise, without opening the cancelled bookings to the online system.

15th April - Online bookings will open for everybody from 10.00am on 15th April and the booking system will allocate all bookings on a first come first served basis.

Waiting Lists

The Booking Officer will maintain a waiting list for each week and weekend throughout the season. Members, Associates and Fellows (in that order) go onto the list ahead of any guests already on the list. Whenever any vacancy arises, it will be immediately allocated to the Member(s) at the top of the list in the order that they were added to the list, followed by any Fellows or Associates (in that order) on the list after Members. If there are no more Members, Associates or Fellows on the list, then any remaining vacancy will be allocated to any guests in the order in which they were added to the list.

Securing of Bookings

Unless other arrangements are made with the Booking Officer, all bookings (including Members, Associates and Fellows) must be secured by payment of 100% at the time of booking.

No Splitting of Weekends During High Season

During High Season the Booking System will not permit any weekend bookings to be made unless they include both the Friday and Saturday nights. Members may split weekends during the Low Season by contacting the Booking Officer

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations will only be automatically accepted by the Booking Officer if they are before the Notice Period commences. This Notice Period is 7 days for bookings for Members, Associates and Fellows, and 28 days for all guest bookings (other than those made through accompanying members, associates and fellows which will be regarded as eligible for the 7-day notice period). In these cases, a full refund will be made, less a 10% cancellation fee.

For any bookings where it is desired to cancel after the deadline, if the booking can be resold, then the Booking Officer, will issue a refund less the Cancellation Fee; otherwise no refunds will be made.

The notice period does not apply to Members, Associates and Fellows during the period from 1 March to 15 April, when a full refund will be given for all cancellations. A cancellation fee of 10% for Guests and (except during the period 1 – 15 April) for Members, Associates and Fellows will be charged even if sufficient notice is given.

Booking Changes/Refunds

For bookings cancelled with more than 28 days notice, a refund will be given, less our cancellation fee of 10% of the cancelled booking.

After this deadline, if the booking officer can resell the booking, a refund will be given, less our cancellation fee of 10% of the cancelled booking.

If the booking officer is unable to resell the booking, no refunds can be given.

Any changes to dates booked will also incur a 10% fee.

No Booking – No Stay

Under no circumstances is any person permitted to stay at the lodge unless they have a confirmed bed booked either online or through the Booking Officer. It is not acceptable for people to sleep in the loft, on the floor or on couches, inconveniencing paying guests and overcrowding the facilities.

Room 9 (formerly known as the Crash Room}

This room is only bookable by members, associates and fellows.

Should the Booking Officer wish to vary this policy, it must first be referred to the Committee for approval.  Approval from the President is sufficient in this case.

Rates and High/Low Season

By the end of January, the Committee will determine the rates and the Cancellation Fee to apply for the forthcoming winter season. The dates of High and Low Seasons will also be determined by the Committee at this time. For the purpose of booking priority and rates, a member’s child who turns 21 in a particular calendar year will be considered to be a child for the entire winter season during that year.

As an incentive to clinch additional bookings, the Booking Officer has discretion for all periods in the month of June to offer a discount of up to 10% for groups of four or more guests.

Members, Associates and Fellows who do not have a designated partner are permitted to book one guest at member rates on each booking where they are also present.

Members, Associates and Fellows will be permitted to reserve entire rooms by paying, at the time of booking (either online or through the Booking Officer), for any unused beds at the relevant child rate fixed by the Committee, provided that they are reserving no more than 50% of the beds in the room in this way. A guest who is staying at the member rate under the “no designated partner” rule does not count towards this 50%. The Committee will set Summer Rates by the end of August each year.

Group and Family discounts

A Group is defined as a booking for 10 or more people. Provided that both deposits and final payments are each received as a single lump sum, Group and Family bookings for complete midweeks are eligible for a 10% discount at the discretion of the Booking Officer. There are no discounts for weekends.

Associates who are behind in payments

Where an Associate has elected to pay off their Associate’s fee over time and they have not kept up with their payment schedule as agreed with the Treasurer, they will be treated as non-financial and will be required to pay full guest rates for any bookings, although they will still retain their priority over guests when competing for bookings. The excess of their payments over the Associate rate will be put towards paying off their outstanding debt to the club, which may or may not bring them back on schedule.

Booking Officer’s discretion

The Booking Officer is granted considerable discretion by the Committee to interpret and waive these rules in appropriate circumstances. In so doing, the Booking Officer is required to report to the next meeting of the Committee on what waivers have been granted and in potentially sensitive situations, would be expected to consult with the Committee prior to granting the waiver.

General Summer Booking Items for Members, Associates and Fellows

Any single booking is to not exceed 10 consecutive days.

Any aggregate booking greater than 20 days over the summer booking period (between end of season and start of next season) to be at the discretion of the Committee.

Crash room to remain available to members, associates and fellows on a 5-day advance notice policy as per winter booking policy.

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