Membership of Peninsula Ski Club Incorporated is limited to 28 debenture holders. To ensure that members contribute to the ongoing maintenance and operation of the Peninsula Ski Club, the club constitution requires that only those persons who hold a debenture may be registered as members of the Club.

Members may choose to offer their debenture for sale on the open market. The sale of each debenture certificate is a private transaction between the two parties (purchaser & debenture holder) who privately negotiate the purchase price.

Prospective Members, having reached agreement for the purchase of a debenture, must make application to the Committee for approval of the sale and membership of Peninsula Ski Club Inc. Thereafter, the Club Secretary registers the transfer of the debenture, supplies a new debenture certificate to the purchaser and registers the purchaser as a member of the club.

Members who wish to sell their debenture should notify the Club Secretary.

Prospective members may register their interest in purchasing a debenture with the Club Secretary.

For more information, please email: